Fortnite: An Industry Changer

Fortnite: An Industry Changer


Marvel Entertainment: The Champion of Misleading Trailers

Film Trailers are very important for a film marketing. It encapsulates the style of the direction of the film by showing us glimpses of the film before the film is out in theatres. But film trailers have always been a risky game for the entertainment industry because it always runs the risk of spilling the beans.


Do you feel proud of yourself on how you are able to multitask with utmost productivity? I will be honest I am guilty and even when I am writing this article, I have many tabs open on my laptop. But does multitasking really enhance productivity?

Economics of an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Restaurant

n the restaurant business loyalty of customers is the utmost priority for the business owners. The managers have one job and that is to get people inside the restaurant. Some restaurants provide exceptional quality food and service at a high price to earn profits from HNIs while some open the gate to all and every by providing all you can eat buffet at such cheap prices that make sometimes make you wonder- How do they earn profits?

The Art of Taking Risks

We, as individuals have always been wired from our childhood to avoid risks. We avoid risks of every kind because we fear it but this mindset has always set us up on a path where we do not achieve our fullest potential and even in some cases total failure.

The Collatz Conjecture

Mathematics has a world within itself. A world where numbers create problems which have no solution (till date) and one such beautiful problem is the Collatz Conjecture.

Bitcoin- A Bubble or a Digital Revolution?

BITCOIN, thanks to mainstream media's widespread attention to this digital cryptocurrency literally every person is aware of the fact that this digital cryptocurrency has been on the surge for the past few weeks making people richer within seconds.

Prime Focus Technologies

We all want to work in companies that have a global presence and is working in projects that are interesting. IT companies like Wipro, Infosys, Accenture etc. have become household where every other person is an employee of a big IT major. But there are companies that may be not as big as those IT majors but their work speaks volume of their innovation.

Learn from Finland, or can we?

Finland, a socialist Nordic country in Northern Europe has slowly garnered worldwide attention due to its great performance at Reading, Math and Science. It has been one of the top performers at the PISA rankings for quite some time. Studies were done and the reasons were found out behind Finland’s success. But this article won’t be on why Finland succeeded.